So many changes going on in the Riggleman household and one of them is the way God is working on my heart about my husband. You see, that’s because I haven’t always been the best wife. 

When we first married, I wasn’t a follower of Christ and I was raised to believe a woman needed to be strong, fierce, and independent of her man–if she had one. My parents broken marriage left example after example of reasons I thought I needed to be a modern woman with my own ideas and assets, just in case my husband made unwise choices. Just in case I was left on my own, just in case he didn’t meet my expectations. 

The more I learned about Christ, the more I’ve embraced God’s idea of marriage and family because I saw the benefits of God’s unique design as being my husband’s help-meet. I’ve grown to  love how my husband’s eyes sparkle when I encourage him, plus I’m conscientious of my kids watching my example of what a Godly wife looks like. If you want to improve your marriage or set a better example of a Godly wife, here are 15 ways to begin encouraging your husband! 

For the 15 examples of encouraging your man, visit The Mom Initiative where I’m writing today.  For the rest of the post, click this link: 15 Ways to Encourage Your Man. 


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