We often banter about how different Chris’ life would be if he wasn’t married to me. He wouldn’t be pursuing his education, nor would he have kids, much less a clean and organized home. If Chris were left to his own demise, he admits, he’d probably live in a fixer upper with motorcycle parts all over the kitchen. 

What’s handier than fixing a carburator while heating up leftover pizza? 🙂 Good thing God declared it isn’t good for man to be alone. Then He said something so profound, “I will make a helpersuitable for him,” (Genesis 2:18). 

Let me be a word-freak here for a moment and explain: The Hebrew word translated “helper” that is used for woman is ezer. It is derived from the Hebrew word used of God and the Holy Spirit, “azar.” Both mean “helper” – one who comes alongside to aid, assist or rescueEzer appears twenty-one times in the Old Testament. Two times it is used of the woman in Genesis 2, and sixteen times it is used of God or Yahweh as the helper of His people.

In other words, we aren’t the lesser sex, we add to our husbands and God makes us complete.  We make up for what he lacks. For me, it means I’m a part of him, in tune, a melody and yet when he stumbles or encounters the unexpected, it sucks the breath right out of me.  The best possible way to help our husbands and strengthen our marriages is by praying. 

As we continue to read Adam Hamilton’s book, LOVE TO STAY, I’m realizing just how critical prayer is. I want to be intentional in our relationship, to help him be the man God is shaping him to be. Not only that, but I want my children to see what a healthy marriage is. If you aren’t sure how to pray for your husband (or your future husband for all you single ladies!), here is how I use scripture to pray over Chris. 


He would trust God’s plan, not his own. {Jeremiah 29:11}


His integrity {Proverbs 11:3}


That God is his strength {Philippians 4:13}


That he finds favor with his boss and co-workers. {Genesis 39:4}


He will be an example for God. {Ephesians 5}


His relationship with his kids is deepened. {Proverbs 1:8}


That he would seek wisdom. {Proverbs 9:9}


That he would continue to lead our family and God is glorified in our marriage. {Titus 2:7}


That he would lean on Jesus in his trails. {Psalm 46:1}


His Future. {Psalm 119: 105}


That he would be surrounded by friends, family who build him up. {Proverbs 13:20}


His passion for Jesus inspires our children. {Jeremiah 15:16, Mathew 5:16).


That he would have a teachable & humble spirit. {Proverbs 15:33}


His heart. {Proverbs 4:23}


He would give everything to God in prayer. {1 Thessalonians 5:17}


That he would fully grasp his purpose in Christ {Romans 8:28}

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  1. Heather, This list is just what I need! God has been telling me that I need to pray more specifically for my husband, and honestly I had only a vague idea how to do that. I’ve printed off this list and it’s going right into my Bible to be a part of my daily prayers. Thank you much!

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