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School at this point may be on hold for the entire country with all the crazy cold weather. And even if your oldest kids are at school and your little ones are stuck in doors, have no fear–I know the feeling and opted to share cabin fever rescues that make life fun for your brood and give you a chance to sip your coffee and smile at their imaginative play!

1. Board a Plane

Items needed: Homemade tickets,chairs to create rows, toys to be passengers, snacks.  DVD player–optional. 

Line up your dinning room chairs and ask your children to collect favorite toy characters like Handy Manny, Elmo,  and Stitch. In your best airplane voice, ask all passengers to board flight 1522 headed to Newcastle, Wyoming. Then collect their tickets. 

Tips: To make this more fun, create tickets ahead of time and add a mini dvd player to watch movies “in flight”, complete the flight with snacks. 

Click here to print: plane tickets (includes security pass) 


2. Closet Fort

This one takes a bit of work, simply empty a closet of its contents and hand your kids a pair of flashlights. A closet becomes a fort when the kids can’t go outdoors. 

3.  Giant Spider Web

Items needed: ball of yarn and masking tape. 

Encourage your kids to create a giant spider web in their room or other designated location. It can even become a challenge to move through the spider web. Be prepared to tear down a massive string of messy fun. 

4. Restaurant

Gather items from your fridge and let the kids know what is on the menu. Need a menu? Click here to download a menu and a receipt.Restaurant play receipt Family Restaurant Menu.





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