Ah, yes, motherhood is the never-ending balancing act, take your pick of the metaphors or picture references of course.

We wear several hats.

We juggle.

We worry between packing lunch boxes and global warming (is that around anymore, eh, well you get my drift).

We balance on a tight rope with a beam of motherhood on one end, work on the other, and somehow Jesus falls into place somewhere. But if your pulse is erratic, and you find yourself snapping on your kids, and you are forgetting appointments–chances are you might be a bit too busy.

These days, life in the modern world expects us to spin around our phones. Social media, expanding technology, and the fast paced hustle and bustle creates a conundrum. We program everything into those little things. Soccer, ballet, dance, doctors, work deadlines, and even what the hubby wants for dinner.

I know, this may sound a bit cheesy, corny, bible thumperish–stay with me–but what if our world spun around the Bible?

I know–strange concept. But isn’t that what Jesus was telling his disciples when he called them to follow him? He called them from their jobs. He called them from funerals. He called them from parties. He called them to a life that was simplified and not so fussy as we make it out to be.

He called them to a life spun around him. How on earth does that get lost in the translation of the everyday life of motherhood? Here, we are allowed, entitled to a self evaluation. How exactly do we want this motherhood thing to go down?

Motherhood paced by social media icons on our phones.

Motherhood paced by Jesus, creating disciples out of you and me.

It’s a no brainer, we all choose Jesus. But, how many of us will live it out?

Here’s a few tips to to spin around Jesus

  • Just say no. Your focus is your children. My friend Audra has taught me this well. Just because I have the gifts, abilities, and want to, doesn’t mean I should say yes to an activity or role. It’s okay to say no, in fact, get used to it and say it often. If the activity could interfere with family life, it’s wise to pray and weigh the options first.
  • Love It Out: I remind my kids and myself often of 1 John 4:8, Mark 12:29-31. Sometimes I even throw in Phillipains 4:13 for good measure when they don’t feel like they have the strength to show love to others.
  • Pray: It doesn’t matter if someone is asking you to become the first woman president of the united states. Unless you know that God is leading you into the role, pray first and get confirmation. Then revert back to Just Saying No.
  • Shut it down: Take a break from the computer, TV, phone for a day. Even one day makes a huge difference of the stress level on your mind. It isn’t constantly spinning from information overload.

Would love to hear your thoughts and how you feel like your world is spinning around Jesus or not~

2 thoughts on “A Different Way to Spin Through Life”

  1. Thank you for this! I need to realize this again and again that it’s about Jesus. I need to print out these tips and read them often. I am getting better at saying “no.” But I haven’t taken a break from the computer one day a week. Do you do this? Another friend does, but I haven’t taken that step yet!

    1. Thanks Christi, I am the same as you, always needing a reminder. I haven’t forgotten about you. We are currently full for feature writers, I am hoping if you can be patient I can get you in next month! 🙂

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