There are several ways to make Christmas more meaningful this year, this includes Advent. Even though it started a few days ago, you can start Advent anytime.  Here is a quick computer snapshot of the Advent Card I made. You can download them, print them out and use them with your kids.  Click here to download the Advent Cards for Kids: Advent for kids


One way we are doing this year is LISTENING to the passages with the Audio Bible at Bible Gateway.  

I love this because we can all hear the scripture and visualize what is being read. I often use it on our way to school on my Iphone. Click here for the Audio feature at Bible Gateway. In the mean time, here are a few more tips for Advent! 

Beginning the celebration: On the first day begin with either a prayer or a Christmas carol. Read the Advent Scripture of the day. Conclude by singing or praying but if you’re on the way to school–keep your eyes open and have your child pray. 

Advent activities for Christmas Eve: Have a birthday party for Jesus complete with cake, the Happy Birthday song, candles and presents of nonmaterial gifts such as singing, readings, a play and prayers that each family member brings to share with others. Consider doing a nativity play with simple costumes. As you prepare to open gifts explain how we give gifts as a reminder of how much God gave us in Jesus. 

Other ideas could include: 

  • A stocking for Jesus and each day you read the passages from Advent, your children can fill the stocking with thankfuls on slips of paper. If  your child cannot write, you can help her or have her color a small picture.
  • Make the Nativity Set the center piece of your home. 
  • Allow your kids to play with the manger pieces, consider leaving it up all year long.
  • Play Hide and Seek with baby Jesus on Christmas day after the last Advent is read. 
  • Watch the 
  • For 43 Tips & Ideas to Make Christmas more Meaningful for your family, visit The Mom Initiative today! 

Long after the new toys are banished to the back of the closet and the decorations stored away for another year, the memories of the four weeks of Advent will remain. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be your favorite tradition! Last year, my mother in law made the perfect Advent quilt which I tucked in readings and candies for each child. 

Other Advent Activities

Part of Advent is trying to be aware of the meaning of Christ’s birth and why he came. 

  • As Christmas cards arrive, save them with the Advent wreath and use your Advent prayer time to pray for the senders.
  • Do an Advent service project for the needy. Collect money or goods and use a portion of the Advent time to decide whom to help and how to do it. Some possibilities are to join a church’s gift-giving project, call the Salvation Army for names of families who are needy, send a special food or gift package to a missionary or give anonymously to those you know in need.
  • Use your nativity set with as many animals as possible to enact the story. (Great for younger kids!) Some families set up the manger scene and each day move the people and animals in a little closer.
  • Make cookies or candies to share at the conclusion of your Advent time, or make special Advent cookies different from Christmas ones..


Advent for kids


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