I’m always apologizing for my children. I mean, I am constantly cringing and saying I’m sorry to the children’s pastors at church, Sunday school teachers, babysitters, and even friends. Considering that I have three high energy (imagine the energizer bunny on crack and sugar combined), strong willed, and adventuresome kiddos, it’s no surprise that apologizing constantly has become the norm. 
     Just this evening, my husband chased our two year back into the house after she bolted outside into the pouring rain while wearing her princess dress. This was the encore of the evening. My son almost never makes it through Wednesday night church programs before we get called, or he is sitting with the children’s pastor, and Tori is in a class with seven little boys, all of which are afraid of her. My oldest child is fine so long as her impulses don’t get the best of her.
      It wasn’t until the other evening as I walking with a VERY good friend of mine, that she shed light on the verse Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Most of the time when this scripture is unpacked in study, one thinks it means to train a child up in the ways of God. While the essence of training a child in God’s ways are important, Audra, explained that it means we are to train up our child in how God packaged them. Instead of apologizing for my kids adventurous spirits, I need to embrace each personality and direct each one into becoming the person God created them to be. 
     Each of my wild-eyed, precious babes have a unique personality, will, and talents. Every moment I get as their mother, I need to tailor as learning moments towards who they are. Audra’s words were so simple, yet so profound. I don’t have this mothering thing down to a art yet, but each new day is a chance to mold them into who God created them to be. Yes, I’m sure I will still be apologizing on some level for some stunt they’ve pulled. In the mean time, I’ll be looking for each opportunity to not only embrace who they are, but to enjoy WHO they are. 

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