Mama, Put Down Your Phone – Here’s How

Whatever the reason, we don’t need distraction, we soul filled interaction.

Phones are tools. They don’t own us. They don’t run our lives. We have set boundaries and manage them well so they don’t negatively impact us and our families. After that moment when I looked up to see all of us gorging on our devices, I took drastic measures. My phone is no longer my companion. It doesn’t sit in my hand or beckon me from my back pocket. 

To Open Up

As I wandered from room to room, feeling the cool breeze on my skin, I realized marriage sometimes feels like this house. Familiar, comfortable, yet tight and wholly uncomfortable. And the very idea of opening a door to my husband feels like a vulnerable and risky move. Keeping the storm windows shut feels like a much safer venture. Especially after a fight or misunderstanding or hurt feelings. Keeping everything sealed feels much softer. During times of conflict our hearts close up, it curls itself into a tight ball. A closed heart is stuffed with selfishness, faulty assumptions, and judgement.

NIV Artisan Collection Bible For Girls Review

My daughter is an artist. She’s been drawing, coloring, sketching and creating since she was a toddler. Sunday mornings are no different. She doesn’t come to church with just her Bible. She comes armed with her sketchbook, pens, and pencils. As the Paster preaches the message, she listens and creates. Sometimes it is version after…