“You will be a woman of bold faith who empowers and encourages those around you.” This was declared over me after I handed my life over to Jesus. I was barely toddling in my walk with God, yet others could see the calling and purpose He already had for me. 

Becoming a woman of bold faith is not about perfectly checked church attendance, how much you volunteer, having the best snacks for life groups or having all the answers in Bible study. A bold woman of faith has real, bold, Jesus-glorifying, heart-wrenching, deep-in-the-trenches and fight for God’s truths in the midst of the lies, kind of belief.

However, becoming her means embodying a warrior willing to bleed for her cause. Becoming a bold woman of faith is putting digging-your-heels in the dirt when your marriage falls apart, when your child rebels, when your career gets decimated, when everyone follows tradition without question or when your health fails. 

Why? Because being a bold woman of faith is submitting to God’s refining process. The year my entire world fell apart, my pastor said something so profound that his words shifted my entire perspective. It was the catalyst to look for God’s hand in everything that was happening.

“Heather, I’m going to say something you may not like or understand but I’ve prayed about this conversation before we met. I believe God is sifting you. And when the sifting is over, you will be stronger in your faith, mirror his image, and help others in the trenches.”

Being sifted means shaking up every part of your life so things like pride, idols, selfishness, and unhealthy habits are addressed. We don’t become who we were called to be without removing the baggage, the toxins, and the impurities that keep up from being warriors in our faith. The process of becoming is all about unbecoming the things the enemy uses to hold us back. 

Here’s a better way to phrase it: Our worst spiritual or emotional life collapses are a part of removing the things that hold us back or weigh us down.

It’s a painful, scorch the earth moment when fire is set to everything. But what rises from the ashes is even more valuable. In other words, every disappointment is a divine appointment with God. 

Remember Peter and the Last Supper? Remember how bold he was in his faith? Yet, Jesus told him “Simon, Simon, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers,” Luke 22:31-32.

Why was Satan so anxious to have access to Peter? Because clearly Satan was listening when Jesus declared: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” Matthew 16:18.

We are the keys to God’s kingdom!! We are the keys to help others unlock their faith. 

Our enemy wants to knock us down – blow by blow until we are so bloodied and wounded in our hearts and minds that we lose sight of Jesus. He wants us so focused on the mess, the hurt and pain that we forget God’s promises of who we really are: Heiresses to HIS KINGDOM. And the brutiful (beautiful and brutal) truth behind this: you will then help others through the sifting. 

A ‘woman of bold faith’ isn’t something that just happens without the ‘becoming’. Look at our savior: 

It’s what Jesus did. 
He helped others through the sifting.
He demonstrated the process of becoming.
He was the light of God in a world that didn’t even want Him.
Like Jesus – Bold Women of Faith lead others to God. 

Bold women inspire change. They question tradition for tradition’s sake. They lift up other women gunned down in the trenches. They build businesses that create change. They impact their community. Their table always has room for one more. They friend the unwanted. They loved the rejected. They speak for those who do not have a voice. They change the world right where they are at. 

Embrace your boldness.Step into your God-given leadership. Let God’s voice speak louder than all the others. You can be bold, strong, and brave while still acting in humility and submission to God.

Here are a few ways to be bold women of faith within God’s parameters for us. 

Always stay in God’s Word —Know what the Bible says. Study it. Read it every day. Understand what Scriptures say within context. 

Pray — Ask God to use your gifts, your personality, and your community to further his kingdom. 

Know the things that matter — hold firm to the beliefs that God has placed heavily on your heart. When you make a stand for these issues, make sure you know why God stands for them too.

Speak with gentleness — always remember who you represent every time you open your mouth to voice an opinion or idea. And always, always speak with love.

Respect authority — all authority comes from God and He calls us to respect those He places in authority over us. This includes husbands, fathers, pastors, elders, and other leaders.


2 thoughts on “Bold in the Becoming”

  1. I read this through tears! Thanks for reminding me that God is sifting me to be more like Him! It’s not my expectations but Gods I need to desire!!

  2. Heather, your words on Bold in the Becoming has strengthened me. Sometimes I feel weary and tired of the sifting that the Lord is taking me through. Your words has reminded me that after the sifting I will be complete and ready for the next level of ministry.,

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