Keynotes – Conferences – Workshops

Invite Heather to speak at your women’s conference, event, or nonprofit gathering. Heather has been seen on Good Morning Nebraska, NTV News, and has been a speaker for MOPS International, The Mom Initiative, MOPS groups, Women Go Red, and more. She loves being a part of women’s conferences, luncheons and retreats! 

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Fight to Flourish 

Do you find yourself saying, “I can’t do this?” Does fear hold you back in your role as a woman or mom? What if your struggles aren’t a barrier to flourishing but an invitation into your most vibrant days? What if you learned that flourishing is not an impossible destination but a divine revelation of where you are right now? Discover how to live a life of joy and fullness, even in the midst of negative self talk, broken dreams and gain confidence in who you are as a daughter of the King. You’ll discover your passion, purpose, and how to fight to flourish. Appropriate for a women’s or mom’s event

Falling into Peace(s)

Has life fallen apart? Do you feel like a hot mess all the time? Do you question if you’re doing anything right? If you find yourself overwhelmed or burned out in the hustle of life, discover how to focus on the things that matter most with three tools. Listeners will learn how let go of expectations and embrace imperfection as God peace’s their life together with what matters most through small tweaks and tools. They will leave stress behind in favor of calm and peace. 

Waking Up In the Dark

Depression and anxiety are running rabid and taking each of us out one by one. After Heather’s near death experience from a suicide attempt in 2004, she became an advocate to change the cultural tides around mental health in the church. She is a much sought after mentor for her views, tips, and tools to help women and mothers combating depression and anxiety. Several of Heather’s articles on depression, anxiety, suicide have received more than a million views.

Bold In the Becoming

Description coming soon! 


Writer Workshops 

For aspiring writers, bloggers, and podcasters 

So, You Want to Be A Writer

Learn how to write for the reader and get noticed. Aspiring writers will learn how to tackle writer’s block, find their own voice and niche, how to generate ideas to get published and get paid. Heather has written more than 400 articles, published a book traditionally, and published a Bible Study non-traditionally. 

Harnessing Social Media 

These days, it’s easier than ever to publish your writing online, whether it’s on your personal blog or in an online bookstore. But it’s one thing to publish and another to reach your intended audience. With so many people sharing their writing, how do you get noticed?

Social media is the secret weapon for writers. It can help you carve out an online niche for your own unique voice and enable you to share your writing with readers across a variety of channels. Used well, it can develop into a powerful, self-propagating engine for generating widespread interest in your writing. Heather shares tools, tips, and teaches new and experienced social media gurus how to get noticed and how to establish a platform. 

Get Ready To Write

What gets in the way of your writing? Is it insecurity, writer’s block, carving out time to writer? Maybe you have an idea but don’t know how to engage your reader, or how to start the piece of content? Or maybe you have the content, an idea that leads down the funnel but you’re thwarting your own progress. Discover how to overcome typical writer obstacles that prevent you from communicating your message.

Starting a Podcast

So, you want to start a podcast! But where do you start? What is the best equipment? What structure will your podcast have? This workshop will provide tools and tips to launch your own show: Everything from naming and formatting your podcast to publishing show notes and launching your first episode.