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August 20th: Nebraska TV

September 6-8: Arkansas Women Bloggers

September 10: Nebraska TV 

October 8: Nebraska TV

October 15-19th: MOMCON13 (Kansas City)

November 12: Nebraska TV

December 10: Nebraska TV

January 7: Nebraska TV

February 8-16: Disney & Overseas

March 9: Hastings Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska Stormsburg MOPS Group: TBA


    Speaking Ministry 


Moms are short on time, busier than ever and craving a connection. We dream of a cute little house with the white picket fence, but somehow reality doesn’t match up to our expectations! I’ve been there and know what it’s like to be stuck behind 4 walls and not showering for days, wondering what that ‘strange’ smell is on my t-shirt… We’re supposed to have it together, cute kids, clean up, be a great hostess and wife…or are we? Let me take you on a journey to discover freedom in who God has called YOU to be as a wife, mom and woman!

Moms are short on time and thirsting for a more intimate relationship with God. If your church or mother’s group would like to receive this ministry through a personal visit, please contact me. 

I do currently charge a small speaker’s fee however;  I believe that God’s desire for me is to make His encouragement and redemption available to all, regardless of ability to pay.  If a group or church is able to contribute toward my expenses (travel, childcare, etc.), I do ask that they do so.  However, I don’t want finances to prevent a group from requesting God’s encouragement through me.

Therefore if you would like me to come visit your women’s group, please pray through the following:

  • Ask God to reveal the message He would like your heart to receive.
  • That the hearts of the mothers in your group will be prepared to hear His message.
  • That God will clearly communicate to me what your group needs to hear from Him.
  • That God will provide for my travel, lodging, and childcare needs.
  • And that the women who need to hear His message will not be prevented from coming to hear what His word of encouragement and redemption for her.

Click the picture or link to down Heather’s Brochure: About Heather Riggleman Brochure.


Possible Topics

The following are topics God has equipped me to share, however, with advance notice, I can prepare to speak on the message of encouragement your group needs to hear.


How to be the perfect mom in 24 hours

Self help resources are the fastest selling books in bookstores and online. And motherhood isn’t off limits. Moms are pulled in a 1000 different directions 24-7 between kids, work, their spouse, church obligations and SO MUCH MORE. Yet, we feel guilty about the dishes in the sink, the piles of laundry, and how we snapped at our children. Let Heather show you how to become a new mom in 24 hours. In this challenge, Heather will give your moms the tools to:

  • Start the day with God’s word and armor
  • How to organize and prioritize your schedule (includes take home sheets)
  • How to stock a pantry, plan menus, stock the freezer.
  • Add healthy snacks to the fridge and pantry for busy nights
  • How to respond positively to frustration
  • And many more tips to get through a hectic day.

I’m Invisible

As mothers we sacrifice our bodies, our hearts, our careers, and our own needs for the sake of our families. Does anyone care about the hours we slave away on daily domestic duties of washing and folding socks? We begin to feel invisible, but God sees you as you are and cares about what you do. And what if this realization revived our souls? Once we realize all the work we do isn’t just to keep a neat home but for building the Kingdom of God, it shifts our attitudes and hearts.

Mamma’s Lost Her I.D.
Women sacrifice much as mother’s. We become consumed and overwhelmed with the task of running a home and raising our children. We begin to feel hidden behind the four walls we call home. God didn’t just create us to mother. He created us to other talents, and gifts. He wants us and even calls us to use our gifts for others. Does it interest you to know that Jesus identifies with mothers? Even Jesus was hidden for 33 years before He began His ministry.

A Beautiful Mess 

We all have a past, some more colorful than others. We have regrets, mistakes, and scars. Some of us have addictions and chains that we are struggling to break free from. How do we break free from the past and begin living as the woman God called us to be? Or better yet, what if we could embrace our past?  Join me in being vulnerable, taking a risk to embrace the God who isn’t finished with us yet.

Live Simply Love

Not every marriage is perfect. Heather and her husband Chris share their mess of being teen parents, not honoring one another and how adding God to the mix restored their marriage. Through hope, faith, prayer and action, both Chris and Heather talk about how to build a good marriage everyday. Join Heather and Chris as they share how God repaired two broken people, restoring their marriage to reflect to those who listen how mighty God is.  Your audience will take away:

  • Embrace how to encourage your spouse even when you feel they don’t deserve it.
  • Realize your spouse is a “good willed” person
  • Reflect the building blocks for a Godly marriage

Giving Faith a Chance

Not all of us grew up in a Christian home and yet we find ourselves longing for a relationship with God. Through motherhood, God has shown Heather different facets of his character inviting her to walk with him. Heather shares this message with moms encouraging mothers to take a walk with him. Women who listened to this message, not only related to Heather’s past but also came away inspired and hungry to seek after God.

Teenage Mama

Do you have a teenager who is about to become a mom or were you a teenage mom? How do we gently lead and encourage women who feel they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives? Let’s encourage and offer hope by focusing on the needs 9 essential needs of a teenage mom. They need to hear their life isn’t over, they are loved, there’s hope and more. Be sure to visit her new site:

I’m Worth it

Calling all teens and young women. You don’t have to date guys and hang out in the back seat. God has a great plan for your life than just the moment you’re living in. Heather will inspire you to seek after God, to fall in love with him instead of the next greatest thing.

I Call Him by Name

Wanting to go deeper with God? Are you wondering who He is? God has so many names which reveal the vastness and depth of His love for us. He is known as Creator, Husband, Father, God Almighty, The God of Peace, The Lord Who Provides and so much more. Each name is a topic of encouragement of it’s own. God is calling mothers to come to know Him intimately, to sense His presence in the trenches of motherhood. Let’s call on Him to reveal Himself to us. Let’s ask Him to bless us.

Living Life Redeemed

My husband and I both have been called to share our stories in how God redeemed our lives. We are transparent in telling about the darkest moments of our lives before we surrendered to God. Chris addresses men about his lack of motivation, feeling lost, complacent, and living with a stranger for the sake of his child. As Heather and Chris weave their journey’s towards healing and wholeness in God’s hands, your audience will take away the power that God can and really does transform lives.

How to Defuse the Angry Mommy Syndrome

Your life seems perfect, everyone thinks you’re sweet-natured, even you think you are calm, cool and collected. Then one day you have kids. Suddenly, the things that come from your own mouth scare you. You feel irritable and frustrated over the silliest of things and wonder where this woman came from. Let’s take a look at the Proverbs 14 woman, she may lend a hand into helping us build up our families and defuse this angry mommy!

Embracing God’s Call as A Wife and Mother

A wise woman embraces God’s design for home. How does a woman become the kid of wife and mother God has designed her to be? She orders her life according to God’s principles of growth in her relationship with God, respect towards her husband, teaching and training her children.  We will review several principles that a woman can use to create the home God has in store for her based on several scripture verses, including: Genesis 2:18, Psalm 54:4,  Proverbs 14:1, and Ephesians 5:33.

Note: These are topics I’ve spoken about before. If there is a specific message your group of women or moms needs to hear, please contact me at 

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