No Fear: Becoming A Bold Woman of Faith Journal and Bible Reading Plan

The Big News – I have a new study and journal with you in mind. 
Bold Truths Prayer Journal: A 90 Guide to S.O.A.P. God’s Word For Women

This engaging prayer journal is a fun and creative way for you to more fully experience the power of prayer and get to know who God truly is. This bible study journal is designed to record your bible study insights and teachings from the Lord. It uses the S.O.A.P method for easy reflection and connection with the Lord.

Mama, Put Down Your Phone – Here’s How

Whatever the reason, we don’t need distraction, we soul filled interaction.

Phones are tools. They don’t own us. They don’t run our lives. We have set boundaries and manage them well so they don’t negatively impact us and our families. After that moment when I looked up to see all of us gorging on our devices, I took drastic measures. My phone is no longer my companion. It doesn’t sit in my hand or beckon me from my back pocket. 

She had the audacity to tell me I have it all together…if she only knew

  I wrestle my hair into the straightener cussing after the hot iron brands my neck like a middle-schooler slinking into gym class with a hickey on her neck. I decide it’s too tender to put makeup on it and rush to get dressed, tripping over my own feet because apparently I still haven’t learned…