Exhale: From Trauma to Transformation

The setting sun refracted light off the water like thousands of broken mirrors. There I stood and took in the view, including the angry pink of Chris’ surgery scar, and I felt a gentle leaning into my soul. It was God and he was whispering. “It’s okay Heather. You do not have to be afraid anymore. It’s okay to let go. I’ve got this moment. I’ve got him and I have you.”

Bold truths and raw faith

  Boldness has taken an interesting turn since childhood. As a girl growing up in the desert, being bold meant facing off with the rivers …

When the walls fall and what’s left is devastatingly lovely

If my life before had been comfortable like a one room school house, it was now transformed into a classroom of the world. If I were to dig through the files of your life, I’m certain to find a defining life change of your own.
And now you’re life is standing in the mess of day seven. Whether you’re ready or not, here comes trial inducing change. And the desperate question of why. How can I make room for change when I didn’t want it in the first place. How can I live my life well when it fills foreign spiritual white space. A blank canvas.

An open letter to the women around the world #sb50 #beyonce

In silence we stood in the steamy bathroom in silence when I whispered, “You don’t think you’re good enough do you? I saw her looking …