What is it about entering a room full of your peers and you’re suddenly launched back into middle school with the geeky glasses, painted on jeans, and a bad perm? This is how I felt every time I entered a room full of other moms. Now add to the fact that I all I saw of these women were their abilities to mother in ways I could not. They were calmer, more affectionate, more creative and more patient. Now I know I shouldn’t compare but I somehow felt I missed the memo on motherhood; I wondered how they seemed to have it together and I didn’t.  When our kids played together in groups, I was apologetic of my child’s behavior and felt poorly dressed in my decades old jeans and tees, while the other moms seemed so polished with well behaved preschoolers.
    Motherhood was never really part of my plans and now I that I am one, I feel like I’m winging it most of the time (and I love motherhood by the way). One afternoon while I was having another ranting session with God, asking Him for the millionth time to tame my children’s behaviors, He spoke to my heart.  He knew my abilities, my personality, my temperament. He then created children that He knew I could parent. It was time to stop comparing myself to other moms and embrace who I am as a mother. It was time to embrace how other moms mothered as well. He was asking me to be okay with myself and be the bold mom He created me to be (and maybe take some time to go shopping). It reminds me of verse Psalms 118:8, “It is better to trust in the Lord that to put confidence in man.” He doesn’t want us comparing ourselves to others for our confidence, instead we need to keep our eyes on Him!

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  1. Heather, I always enjoy reading your posts. One of the Enemy's greatest weapon is having us compare ourselves with others…and we all do it! Whether we come up "below" or "above" another, the image is always warped. Thanks for reminding us where our confidence should be!

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