Dear Kids,

I see you growing up. I see you growing into your natural gifts and talents. Some days it just blows my mind what you can do and what you will do. I hope you chase your dreams no matter what.

I need you to make me a promise. I need you to promise you will keep pushing forward when the answer is no.

I know you’re watching me chase my dreams. You come home from school and see me still editing articles. I see you watching from the sidelines. You see me working and re-working my work of art until it shines. I see you watching me hold my breath and sometimes tears.

You come into the office to give me a hug and see what I’m working on.

And I know saw me bawling like a kid on the floor.

And I told you the truth. I told you about an agent that turned me down because my platform wasn’t big enough.

I know I played it off like it was no big deal, but my darling kids, it is a big deal.

And I need you to make a promise. I need you to promise you won’t take no for answer. I need you to promise to redefine the word no in this world that is big enough for all of us.

Just this morning, I talked to a friend about my writing dreams. I told her all about the rejections, the hours of work it takes, and how publishers don’t just want a writer—they want a business partner. I felt so defeated. I felt like giving up. 

Then she said some that was soul changing. The ‘yeses’ will build your business but the ‘noes’ will build you. 

“The ‘yeses’ will build your business but the ‘noes’ will build you.” Bill Heilig. 

It’s too easy to feel defeated. It’s too easy to get into the victim mindset. Sometimes when we are stuck or feeling defeated, we need to remember our dreams will build us. Our dreams will remind us that it’s worth it. 

                                      Standing in my future office with my baby girl!!

That’s right kids. The yeses will build your dreams, your confidence, your income, and your career. The noes will build your character. The noes will teach you to look for an open window when there is no open door. The noes will teach you how valuable your voice really is.

The noes will show who believe in you and your abilities.

The noes will test your resolve.

The noes will test your patience.

The noes will push you to dig deep.

The noes will teach you fear is a reaction.

The noes will teach you courage is a decision.

The noes will make you feel insignificant and unworthy, but my darlings, you are.

The noes will teach you wisdom and build your faith.

The noes will teach you the goodness of life lies in risk taking.

Kids, I need you to promise to embrace the word no just as much as you do yes. The right big door will open. The right big break will come along. And it happens, you’ll have face enough adversity to make your dreams happen. So, my darling kids, in the words of Bill Heilig, “The yeses will build your business, the noes will build you.”

With enormous love,

Your Mama

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