Earlier this year, we discovered a great way to re-purpose old t-shirts.


 We made bags out of them and use them for library books, beach gear, etc and with Halloween a few days away, I opted to find cheap t-shirts to make trick or treat bags.  I found cute, bright orange t-shirts which will help my kids carry their loot and make them more visible in the dark. 

This project is easy, simple and requires NO SEWING, your kids can help you and the bags are ready in 20 minutes. 

Other ways to make your bags more visible could include glow in the dark puff paint or reflective tape; we’ll be getting those items later this week to add to our bags. 

Below are the steps to making these oh-so-easy bags or you can view Nebraska.TV’s news segment: NTV-DIY-T-Shirt Bags


Simply select a t-shirt  you would like to use. 

Birthday Elijah 7 123

Following the seam on the sleeves and neck, cut them off. If needed to make a larger opening for the top, cut a wider around the seam. You can also create a more stylish look by cutting a square around the neck instead of  a scoop shape.

Birthday Elijah 7 125

To tie the bottom of the bag, cut strips about one inch wide along the bottom. Then tie the fringe into knots.

Birthday Elijah 7 130


Now you have a fun T-Shirt bag!

Birthday Elijah 7 133



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