With starting a new online business and attempting to expand my writing career, things around here have gotten a little–um–CRAZY. Finding balance among deadlines and making eye contact with my kiddos has been a struggle.

That is until God revealed to me yesterday morning that I worry too much and don’t lean enough on him. Instead, my mind scurries from one thought to another, weaving a web of confusion and of course, anxiousness. Yesterday, I decided to drop everything and let it go. And today–I’m doing the very same thing.

Today I will focus on the smiles of my kids as we go play at the water park with friends. Instead of thinking about ways to improve my career, I will put down the pen and watch my son splash his friends. I don’t want to miss the moments of memories that are supposed to last a life time, like when I picked my daughter Tori up this morning and she hugged me after stating the question, “Mom–you have crack eyes?” She was referring to the way the mascerea looks on my eyes.

When we moved to Nebraska all those many years ago, we came here hoping for a slower change of pace. My husband and I wanted long, lazy weekends to ourselves. The first summer here, we lived in a small Minden town which helped us fall in love with The Good Life, yes we still miss the raw beauty of the Black Hills, but here in Nebraska, it’s all about a way of life, about family. This is where God planted us, because he knew if we took the time to keep our focus on him and the important things, we would thrive.

So today, I am going back to those first sweet moments of falling in love with this way of livf, of being present, being in the moment. If you can relate in any shape or form, I suggest you ask God to clean off the dusty cobwebs of worry in your heart, I would also suggest dropping everything today–Live in the moment.

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