In the realm of motherhood, we learn about sacrifice. Day in and day out, we are focused on their well-being, their manners and their happiness. Sometimes we become a little too focused. We forget about our own needs or if we try to take care of ourselves, the guilt screams at us.

At least that is totally where I am. I’ve been so busy taking care of them and trying to balance my work (a.k.a. writing), that I neglected my heart. Over time, it has become calloused and unfeeling. I’ve been crabby and sullen, like I’m walking around with something eating at my heart and doesn’t exactly make me the best mother.

I’m honestly amazed at how quickly our hearts wither when they aren’t tended to or watered. For me the tending and watering comes from spending time alone with God. Just like our kids who thrive on our attention, our spirits are the

same way. We thrive when we spend a few moments each day alone with the lord. It seems so silly because our spirits aren’t as tangible to us as our physical needs are. It’s easy to tend to our little ones, they surround us and we know they need nurtured; but somehow we don’t apply it to ourselves. 🙂

You know–the world tells us that dependency on someone or something is a sign of immaturity. But in God’s Kingdom, it’s a sign of maturity–to depend on him each and every day. How quickly we forget that as we encourage our children to become independent from us.

Are you taking a time out with God? If not what are your reasons? Have you noticed how thirsty your spirit is? If you’re too busy or you aren’t sure how to tend to your soul, here are a few tips how.

  • Keep your Bible, devotions, and journal by your bed. You’ll see them when you wake and before you go to bed. Both are ample opportunities to spend time alone with God.
  • Rise early. In the summer my kids sleep in, which gives me time to wake up, grab a cup of coffee and read a short devotion.
  • If you’re new to reading the Bible daily, has several reading plans. One of them will fit your lifestyle.
  • Read the devotion Jesus Calling. At the end of each daily devotional are scriptures, look them up and write them out under the devotion.
  • Join an online Bible Study. Good Morning Girls is a great one, they offer daily devotions, and a way to create a group of friends to discuss one to two verses daily.
  • Read Mama Needs A Time Out, each chapter offers insight to your mothering heart and unveils a different character of God. And really–we need time out, we need alone time, we need God time. 🙂
  • Get a child’s devotional, read it to them at breakfast. You and your children will learn to dig into God’s word daily!
I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit or a bride with her jewels. Isaiah 61:10

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