In our second episode, we tackle the challenges moms of young adults (tweens to twenty-somethings) face in order to rise up to release faith-filled kids. Our children’s ever-changing developmental stages demand we do multiple parenting shifts.

Scripture: Luke 2:41-52

Mary, the mother of Jesus, learned this lesson in Luke 2:41-52. Here, we find Mary searching frantically for her son when she should have been searching for a young man.

Join Lori and Heather as they unpack three simple tips to help release our kids bit by bit so we can be the mom our kids need.

To learn more about parenting styles and the parenting shift checkout: Raising Little Kids with Big Love or Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love (Wildenberg and Danielson, Bold Vision Books).

Like Mary, if you need a time out to ponder mothering moments, checkout Mama Needs a Time Out: Getaways For the Mom’s Soul by Heather Riggleman.

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