I love nights like tonight. The house is quiet, all the domestic mommy duties are done, the lights are dim and I am snuggled in bed with my youngest. Tori and I are currently watching the latest Tinker Bell movie. Faith, trust, and pixie dust is the theme as we snuggle under the covers and cheer Tink through her trials of being trapped in a human house.
It’s in these little moments where I am refreshed as a mom and my heart floods with love. Most of the time I’m running after Tori to change her pull-up, telling her she cannot hit or antagonize her brother, or use her resourceful brain to break into her big sister’s room. It’s in these moments where I feel for once that I am doing something right. I live for these quiet moments, it pushes me forward on the days when I wonder if either one of us will make it out alive in the trenches of motherhood and toddlerhood.   As she sits by my side, I know that the seasons will change and she will grow up. Right now, I’m the one that sets the sparkle in her eye and happy ever after is the mood. I’m embracing it for all its worth.

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