I am so thankful for so many of you sending me emails about the struggles you are going through. It seems my post Hope for the Worried Mom struck a chord. I think it’s because deep down, we all wonder if we are enough–and we all wonder how to rid ourselves of the worry that wants to wrestle us to the ground. None of us want to be pinned under the weight of our thoughts, which is why I turn to my Bible. It’s also why I teach my kids Scripture. 

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After wading through the grit, fighting through the impatience, and wondering how not to mess up my kids–I know I’ve done something right after we talk about the day’s verse, recited it, used it in examples, and then finally  had a chance to use it in our heartfelt prayers and journals before bed. 

We don’t get to the journals every night but we do get the scriptures everyday. We even post key scriptures all over the house. Some we work on as a family, others are needed for individual reminders. Here’s this week’s verses. Weekly prayer scriptures 7 

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To learn how to make family prayer journals and use scripture, start here: http://heatherriggleman.com/2013/12/new-years-resolutions-for-the-whole-family-prayer-journals/


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