By 4:30 in the afternoon, my kids have slowed down in their play, and their ears are straining to hear the sounds of Daddy’s truck rumbling up the street to our house. The second they hear his truck, they are out in the front yard before he is in sight. Then there’s the scrambling for his attention and to be the first to get hugged and tell him about their day.
    I adore this part of the day. Daddy is home and all is well within the family. Growing up, I didn’t have this type of relationship with my own Dad. In fact, my siblings and I dreaded it when he was home. We didn’t know if he was going to be in a good mood, or if he was going to be meaner than a snake. (However, I know have a growing relationship with him and its exciting to rebuild this part of my life). In this day and age, millions of children are growing up in homes without a father present. Like it or not little mama, fathers are a critical part of the foundation in a child’s life. He is the one to provide direction, a stable home, support for mom, and an example of what our heavenly father is like.
     With Father’s day around the corner, my children are thinking of ways to honor their beloved Daddy. It warms my heart to see such attention to what they think would make Daddy really happy. Words can not express the feeling of being blessed each time he walks through that door.

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