Is it just me or do the men of this country need a wake up call? These days the headlines are flooded with reports of infidelity, high divorce rates, and highlights of affairs. The most recent news includes the pending divorce of California’s Governator, yes, I’m speaking of Arnold Schwarzenegger. When his maid of 20 years finally told his wife about her son, the marriage crumbled.
    If it’s not full fledged affairs, our media saturates us with headlines from dozens of Congressmen who have been caught in sex scandals from sexually explicit text messages and photos, known as sexting. Congressman Wiener initially denied the charges and then was moved to deeply apologize to the country, including his wife.
    We are living in a modern day Babylon where the mantra is “do what feels good for you.” With this attitude that floods our culture, how can we as women help protect the sanctity of marriage? Plain and simple, we need to have open, honest communication with our husbands. We need to find a way to support them and hold them accountable. While the responsibility lays on the shoulders of our husbands, here are a few tools you can use to fight social media.
     How I guard my cell phone and keep it from being a deceptive tool is one of the ways I protect my marriage. Texting is the most common form of communication these days. However, texting makes communication less formal and opens the doors to opportunity. Texting can allow us to feel more bold in whom we talk to, and how we talk to them. If I have to communicate with someone through a text message, I always keep in mind five things: 

  1. Once I hit send, it’s out in cyber, wireless space FOREVER.
  2. Is this message a clear communication of what is needed to be said?
  3. Can this message stand the light of day in God eyes? Is it something that could shame me?
  4. Is it something that will cause my husband to mistrust me?
  5. Is it something I can text with my husband looking over my shoulder.

      With that said, my husband follows the same rules. We are open with all lines of communication, we have each other’s passwords to all email accounts, Facebook, and other social media. We also have full access to each other’s phones. While other may look on and wonder, where is the trust and privacy, we like to state that we do trust one another. This type of accountability is protection for our marriage and family. 
     With marriage becoming an ever smaller practice and even been looked upon as entrapment in our world today, it’s vital we become aware of the new temptations and strongholds. What are some safeguards you practice in your marriage? Have you ever considered the above safeguards as something to practice. Share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Fighting Social Media to Protect Your Marriage”

  1. Just thought I would pass on this info! There is a computer program that you can download called covenant eyes. You pick one to two people that will be a sent a "report card" of what you have looked at on the internet. It rates it to G to Very Mature. It is very affordable too! Love you my friend! Angela Loven

  2. That's pretty cool, that's another way to keep us all accountable. Love you, hope you can see the lessons you taught me in this post!

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