Aerial Yoga combines aerobics, yoga and silk hammocks at K-Town Shakedown

The instructor calls out poses such as downward arrow, Spiderman and mountain peak as the class moves in formation. The class ends with a cocoon pose. Enveloped in the hammock, face-up toward the ceiling, the room fades to darkness for them as green stars dot the ceiling.

Some classmates fall asleep, while others relax, reflect or meditate.

This is aerial yoga, known as Flight School, a new class at K-Town Shakedown, a donation-based studio at 3715 29th Ave. Suite A1.

The anti-gravity workout was invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, a former Broadway choreographer and gymnast. His website says he created many aerial performances while winning two Tony Awards.


To read the rest of the story, click here: Aerial Yoga comes to Kearney. 


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