Waiting six years to take a vacation with my husband is entirely too long to wait. Granted we’ve had date nights scattered through the last few years, but waiting six years is insane! Of the five days we had alone, it took the first two to stop breathing into my brown paper bag,as I wildly imagined how my children were crying because they missed me so much; nor were the images of the kids running circles around their grandparents going away. The rest of the time was spent watching the time melt into the next day, hoping it wouldn’t end. We slept in, brushed our teeth without fighting for room in the bathroom. Then there were the more fun things like hot tubing, fine dinning, hiking, and laying around doing nothing!                     
     As mothers, we are so busy putting our children’s needs first, we forget we were here first. Come on, think about it, without a mommy and a daddy, there would be no kids. Before our kids were even a twinkle in our eyes, we were building a relationship with our husbands, and taking care of ourselves. Now that we’ve had kids, the pendulum seems to have swung entirely to the other side. It’s high time we find the middle ground and carve our time not only for ourselves but for our relationship with our husbands too. Lucky for me, during our getaway, I found that I still actually like my husband!                   

God reminds us gently in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season,and a time to every purpose under the heaven”; and this includes running away from the kids for a night or two!

5 thoughts on “For Everything There is a Season…Even Running Away from the Kids!”

  1. I really like your blog. i'll visit again very soon! You know I always say I need a vacation with my husband but we always seem to have things to do and don't get away. Your words have reminded me and encouraged me a little further in my commitment to plan a trip for me and hubby! Following you from MBC. Would love it if you LIKE my page: http://www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose (or my blog: blog.writerslairbooks.com).

  2. One of the things I like to tell mommies who think they are doing the best thing by only taking care of thier families is – the first thing God gave us "stewardship" over is ourselves!

    Love thy neighbor as thyself is impossible if you do not first love yourself.

    Great Post!


  3. With the daily grind we forget it's just as important (if not more) to take care of ourselves and our relationship with our spouse. For without our happiness and health, our children would be miserable.

  4. Love the comments and your blogs ladies. It's so true, we have to take care of ourselves in order to love others the best we possibly can.

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