It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of this season. Between family gatherings, church programs, shopping and other domestic duties, it leaves us little time to take a deep breath and remember the WHY’s of this season. 

Christmas and Thanksgiving is the time of year when we ought to be taking in the moments around us, savoring the warmth of our homes, breathing in God’s grace and breathing out thankfuls. Because I want to be fully present and fully aware of the outrageous gift of Jesus, we are doing something a little different this year and I am including my kids on this one. They will understand why Jesus is so important during our holiday celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Because God graced us with two ears to hear, we are listening to a selected plan of Bible reading at breakfast. Then, on the way to school we talk about what we “heard”. Below is a list of topical and devotional Reading Plans I crafted to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas. 

Many of you participate in Advent, the period beginning fours Sundays before Christmas, using this time to purposefully refocus our hearts toward celebrating the miracle of God and opening our eyes to the invisible needs around us. 

There are several ways you can get your kids involved. Either have them read this passage with their Bibles or visit Bible Gateway. You can set it up where your whole family can listen at breakfast, in the car, or however it fits into your schedule. You can set it up on your computer, IPOD, IPAD, Iphone, or Android Devices. 


To get started with Advent, you will want to start the first week of December. Print out this list below. And find a time that works best for you and your family. Then head to Bible Gateway and listen online. 

Advent Readings

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To print your advent Calender, click here:Advent Bible Reading Plan

How do you keep Jesus central in your holiday celebrations? 


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