Tomorrow I will have been married to my husband for 12 years. I have been with him literally half of my life, that’s because we were high school sweet hearts. As our anniversary looms towards us, I can’t help but reflect over the last 12 years. If you were to tell me that I would be a mother of three children, and that my husband would be my best friend, my teenage self would have laughed at you. I had plans to climb the corporate ladder, to be a successful career woman. Yet I’m so thankful God had different plans. He already knew my future before I met Chris, and He was there when it seemed I was running out of things to dream.
    How many of us plan our futures and forget that we are in His hands? How many mothers forget that God planned the timing of each child, and personality of each precious babe? There is a purpose, plan, and future for each of us. We have to be willing to come before Him and know during the good times and bad, that He is ever before us and believe me, He has GOOD PLANS.

One thought on “He Already Knows”

  1. I smiled as I read this post. At 17I had her life all planned out, too. Upon graduation from college, I would work in Communications for a few years, get married to an equally successful Christian man, and give birth to two wonderful children—all by the age of 27.

    God had other plans. I got married at 40 and gave birth at age 42 and 44 to two healthy daughters (both conceived naturally). God's season for our lives is always the best!

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