Taking a break from the internet and social media. I’m excited to be surrounded around others who have a deep passion and commitment to God, lately I’ve felt empty, broken and in need of something I can’t explain. I can’t recall a time in the 8 years of being a Christ Follower of being this barren, dry, and empty.
My heart is parched and I worry that it is reflecting in my writing. I write to encourage and shout God’s love for you, precious mama. I’ve felt so lonely, tired, and again broken.
Pray for me, I’m always so connected to everyone, so it will be an adjustment for me. Hopefully I’ll return from the Writer’s Conference with fresh ideas, a new perspective to give, and more encouragement for you. In the mean time, pray that God refills my cup so I’m ready to be poured out for you lovely ladies.
In the meantime, I leave you with a favorite song that I will be meditating and worshiping to the entire week. For Video, Click Here.

3 thoughts on “Heading To The Mountains”

  1. Just speaking truthfully, as you do, fills me with encouragement! Just knowing that you struggle with the same things I struggle with and need to have your own well filled is a gift of love. I pray that you will feel refreshed and nourished by your time away. And thank you – your “realness” is a great gift to me in my daily life!

    1. Erika,
      I cannot begin to tell you how I needed those words. Thank you. I really needed to hear that today. 🙂

      1. Becky Scoggins – Hi .Just to let you know I do believe God can heal & use all of us who are winlilg to step up. Thank you so much for your message before you left. We were moved & blessed by your spirit. May God continue to use you mightily .as you keep obeying Him.In HIM becky

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