“Be Still and I know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10 is a verse that I readily and easily memorized when I first became a follower of Jesus seven years ago. It implies that as a woman and mother I cannot foresee the future, nor can I expect to control my kids antic’s all the time. It reminds me that God is ever present in my daily life. He is there to remind me that no matter the situation, He is waiting for me to come to Him for reassurance.
      Psalms 46:10 applies to every situation and event that makes me wonder if God is aware of what is happening. Between sick kids, fights, tight finances, worrisome grades, troubled relationships, God knows about it all. He invites us to come into His presence and rest in His hands. As a woman and as a mother, how does this scripture apply to your life? Post a comment or two and start the conversation.

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