For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 NASB.

    From the moment our child can comprehend right and wrong, they are given choices. They can choose to obey Mommy, or they can choose to break the rules. Sometimes the consequences are immediate like touching a hot stove, and other times the consequence are delayed, like being disciplined after Mommy finds the mess of chocolate syrup under the bed. 
     As mothers we pray our children will come to know and love Jesus, serving Him for a lifetime. But what happens when an adult chooses to live a life for themselves? You know what I’m talking about? Choosing not to abstain from sex outside of marriage, choosing to gossip, choosing to lie, choosing to be the best person possible but NOT choosing Jesus.  We have but a precious few years on here on earth to decide what will happen to us beyond the grave. After all, the grave isn’t the ending point, it’s the stepping stone to the rest of our eternal lives. 

    With these thought always in the back of my mind, I clearly set the boundaries for my kids. They are learning right and wrong; and the consequence of poor choices. My goal is for them to transfer this obedience into their hearts for Christ. 

 As adults our consequences can be immediate or delayed when it comes to accepting Jesus as our Savoir and choosing to live a life for Him. We may live a life being the best mom possible and strive to maintain high morals. Or we may follow our heart thinking that it’s okay to sleep with our boyfriend, or make other poor choices. Life can go on until we meet death in our sleep; or Death could be waiting for you tomorrow morning. Are you willing to take that chance?  Where is your heart today? Does it belong to Jesus or to yourself? 

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