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A lot of changes have been happening around the Riggleman Household. Mainly in Heather’s career life. She recently left Her View From Home with this post (orginal post on Her View From Home). HVFH will always be near and dear to Heather’s heart. It’s where she learned the ins and outs of building a business and was mentored in so many ways by her business partners.

Written by Heather Riggleman, Auhor of Mama Needs a Time Out tweet

I grew up in a small town of Newcastle, Wyoming and always seemed to be the odd one out. Having 5 siblings and a mom who was the poster child for welfare while attending college didn’t exactly make things easier. tweet

Many nights, I’d climb up the stacks of haybales stare up at the stars. They were so close and so bright, it would inspire me to write dreams in my journal. tweet

I pulled it out recently to add some new dreams and smiled at the ones I accomplished over the last few years. Here’s a few things I’ve done and haven’t done. tweet

Sky diving with Uncle Dave (He passed away before we could). tweet

Finish high school tweet

Go to college tweet

Write a book tweet

Write books that become best sellers tweet

Have 4 kids tweet

Ride a horse on the beach tweet

Walk the Great Wall tweet

River Rafting tweet

Get a tattoo tweet

Hike the Canyon with my Dad tweet

Be in four places at once tweet

Ride an ocean wave tweet

Sleep on the beach tweet

Walk the hills of Ireland and Scotland tweet

Go cliff jumping tweet

Get married in a white dress tweet

Make something of myself tweet

Share a stage with Beth Moore tweet

Write an article to be published in MOPS tweet

Meet the CEO of MOPS tweet

Obey God’s call tweet

Change someone’s life tweet

Chase the wind and touch the sky at once tweet

Take my family on a missions trip tweet

Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary tweet

Visit Israel tweet

Speak life and love into someone’s hurting mess tweet

Complete a marathon tweet

Sky diving with Chy tweet

Create a site where women walk away inspired tweet

Mentor a group of teenagers and teen moms tweet

Ride a gondola in Italy with Chris tweet

What I love about dreams is the chance of watching it become a reality. It’s a chance to experience the impossible and just maybe it’s a glimpse of the goodness God has for each of us. In fact, dreams are written on our hearts before we’re even born. Some lay dormant until God sparks them and others we concieve ourselves. tweet

Part of my dreams meant making something of myself, making my voice heard, showing the world what I could do and bless hearts with my writing. As a teenager starting out in life with a baby, it sparked me to prove I could be someone. tweet

So when HVFH was birthed, I was thrilled!!! Daily, life was filled with the details of running a business. While I was happy to be a part, something was happening, it wasn’t on my heart like it used to be. tweet

So I did what anyone else would do during a momentary lapse of Ho-hum moments–I took a break. Flying to Colorado and then taking a 2 hour van ride to Winter Park. I couldn’t help but smirk as my Ipod glitched and stayed on one song for nearly the entire flight:Set the world on fire by Britt Nicole. It goes a little something like this: tweet

I, I am small but
You, You are big enough
I, I am weak but
You, You are strong enough to
Take my dreams
Come and give them wings
Lord with You
Nothing I can not do
Nothing I cannot do tweet

Giving up on tunes, I shut it down and enjoyed the view. tweet

There, I stayed with some kindred friends and did some soul-searching. Throughout the entire weekend, these words echoed in my mind while God ignited a new dream in my heart: to encourage, lead and mentor moms and teen moms. To show them they could be “some ONE” too. In fact, they could be great “some one’s” to their kids. tweet

And this is one big dream. So big–there is no way I could ever accomplish it on my own. tweet

But if I want it to, I need to step out in faith and expect a miracle. tweet

By the time I had boarded my puddle jumping airplane four days later, I knew it was time to let go of this HVFH and embrace the next God has for me. But how does someone do that when things are going great and we’re on the verge of becoming “big”? tweet

It doesn’t make sense, in fact–it’s crazy. But when God is prodding you to take a leap of faith, it’s best to shut your eyes tight, take a deep breath and jump off the cliff, trusting his hands will help you take flight. tweet

So with that said, today is my last post as a co-owner of HVFH. Tomorrow, I’ll meet with my partners one last time to sign my share of the company over to them. tweet

Will you still see me around? Probably, Jen and Les can’t stand to live without me :-) I’ll still write posts here and there and pitching in as needed but I won’t be a part of the dream team anymore. Instead, I’ll be taking the summer off to spend time with my family and dreaming of what God has for me. tweet

Though it’s not easy to tell you all “good-bye”, it’s time to breakaway–at least for now. tweet

And now that she’s tied up all the final details, she is stepping into the roll God has called her to: To encourage, equip, and support real moms in real life. She is now doing this through mentoring other moms on coffee shop outings, play dates, speaking engagements and more. Heather reverted back to her author site where she now shares her life of raising 3 kids, two with speical needs and one that’s just a firecracker. Through her daily life, Heather shares recipes, the family’s journey towards preservative free, whole foods, raising special needs kids, marriage, motherhood and more.

Her latest ventures include working on the administrative team for The Mom Initiative and launching a teen mom site: Detour2motherhood.


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