Morning friends, every Thursday I post a column on Her View From Home about all things in life, mainly marriage, motherhood and finding my identity. This identity part has be a challenge because I became a mom while I was still a teen. Add dirty diapers, special needs and let’s just say I put myself on hold for a while.

Good thing God knows how to orchestrate ways for us to find ourselves through finding him first and in light of the sad headlines, one needs to find laughter once again, even if its at my expense.

Please come back tomorrow, I’ve been busy gathering my thoughts about the nation’s recent news with mental illness and ASD (Aspergers). As a mom of a special needs child, I’m infuriated….but that is for tomorrow.


Her Near Death Experience and She Can’t Wait to Do It Again.

Written by Heather Riggleman

See this gal? She looks so sweet and innocent. This really should be a mug shot…she is dangerous. I met her at MOPS and I thought for sure she would be a great gal to pal around with. I’m really not thinking so after the torture I went through with her yesterday.

So you want to know the story, eh? Well it just so happens my therapist (yes I have one, think in terms of Major PMS and mood stabilizers –you’ll get the idea.) suggested because of the weight gain and moodiness I’ve been experiencing that I ought to add a more regimented workout routine to my lifestyle (PLEASE–like I have time to spare). She didn’t think my running routine was enough. It didn’t help that my sister-in-law mentioned last weekend just minutes after giving birth, “The reason why you couldn’t do it naturally is because you don’t do yoga or Pilates.”

Me: “And your point is?”

Her: “You’re not in shape, Heather.”

Me: I’m thinking but don’t say, “You’re just a crunchy nut who may or may not be a freak of nature, you try giving birth to a child weighing over 10 lbs….” So instead, I smile sweetly and say I’ll think about it. In case you’re wondering, here is a view of her “easy” labor.

Meet Miss Deija (pronounced Day-jsha) Rain Shaw

In comes Rachele (pronounced Rachel). We were chatting at MOPS when I mentioned what my doctor said. She smiled so sweetly before inviting me to Just For Ladies. I thought, “Sure why not, there’s no guys at the gym, so I won’t actually have to get dressed (this includes make up, hair and shaved legs) to go to the gym.”

So yesterday morning I waltzed into the gym thinking, no problem, I run six miles a day, this is a piece of cake. I’m feeling a little like Napoleon Dynamite with an extra umph of talent.

Click here for the rest of the story (Her View From Home).

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