Yesterday our two year old threw several toys over the six foot fence we share with our party-animal of a neighbor. Because I had so many kids with me yesterday, I waited until my husband got home to retrieve the toys. Instead of knocking our our neighbor’s door to request the toys, Chris tried several other entertaining methods to retrieve the toys, none of which were successful. 
     He attempted to scale the fence which resulted in getting bit by the dog, he then tried using a broom to rake the toys to wall of the fence, to pull them through a hole with his hands. The toys didn’t fit and again, he got bit. He even tried a fishing pole before giving up and telling the kids the toys were done for–a Sand Lot Movie moment. 
     It reminds me of how often we face obstacles, we hit a wall and instead of asking– knocking on God’s door to request help, we allow that streak of independence become our downfall. Why does it seem so much harder to knock on His door and ask for help or guidance? 
     In reality, if we ask God first, He is able to give us a different perspective, He is able to open doors we thought we closed. He is able to move mountains for those who have faith in Him. Mathew 7:7 should be our resolve, the Bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” How often do you seek Him first in light of any situation? Are you willing to surrender and say, “I can’t do this without you God, I’m waiting for you before I make the next move.” 
     As mothers, this is imperative to demonstrate to our children. When they begin to face obstacles or challenges, their first reaction should be to pray and ask God for help. Yesterday was the perfect lesson to teach our little ones, I hope that this seemingly insignificant example awakens your heart for your need for God!

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