Hope is such an easy word and yet I’m having the hardest time writing about it for my book. Hope defines my life, its at the core of who I am. Without hope, life would be a dull gray depression drifiting from one day to the next. As a mother however, I am always hoping as all mothers do. Hope is part of being a woman. We never stop hoping. We hope that stick turns blue; we hope it’s a boy, or we hope it’s a girl. We then hope our twin girls stay in the bras we have because there are no bigger sizes for them to flow into. We hope our outie belly button will return to the innie it used to be instead of looking like a piece of cauliflower. We hope labor won’t be as traumatic and painful as the last time or we hope we get our epidural before due time. We hope we don’t kill our husbands in the midst of the pain and we hope our baby is healthy as we push her or him out; or in my case I really hoped I’d get to strangle my doctor and ‘epidural doctor’ because I felt every bit of Tori’s big debut, pushing through at ten pounds, two ounces.

      We hope while we are in public that no screaming baby triggers the mystery of the milk reflex that often floods our shirts with perfect target stains around our breasts. We hope we will at least get three hours of sleep tonight, and we hope this stage ends soon. We hope the teenage years are better than the toddler years (the debate is still out as while I have one child entering the teens and one in the terrible twos). We are fountains of hope. We live and breathe the word hope. Hope fuels our hearts and our bodies with energy to get through ‘one of those days’.

      Hope is looking forward to the future with the expectation God will see to it our needs are met beyond our dreams. Hope is knowing things will work out. Hope goes hand in hand with faith. Its walking by faith or in my case at the moment, I’m hoping my daughter will be braver than me as we go conquer a fat hairy spider…Nope, I had to kill it while she informed me during the swatting and spraying of hair spray that I was killing a platform spider. Not the kind of pep talk I want as I face one of my phobias. Anyway back to hope, it’s my hope that I will get some peace and quiet to write as my babies drift off to sleep. Here’s hoping…

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