Its awfully strange to wake up to your own voice blaring from the radio. This morning as I crawled out under the covers, My Bridge Radio was playing the interview I had with Stan for Teen Mops. What a blessing it was for Tiffany (a teen mops mama) to share her story with me for all to hear. We pray that this interview brings churches and people alike to support Teen Moms as they are raising the next generation.
This is reality, this is life. Ministries like Teen Mops is how to reach the next generation and to embrace teens who think they made a mistake. Being a mother isn’t a mistake, though it may be WAY to soon to become a mom; God’s hands are on these girls. It’s up to us to show them the way.
God is using this ministry to reach young women and their children for His purpose and His kingdom. This ministry not only provides support but teaches them to embrace motherhood for all its worth as God surrounds each mama and child. Click on the link and then on my name to hear the interview via your computer, then praise God!    My Bridge Interview

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