Have you ever been in my situation? Sitting around, or going through the motions of your daily domestic house duties and you feel like God is tapping you on your shoulder saying, “Wake up, smell the roses, I created you for something more than this.” That’s currently where I am at. I love being home with my babies, but I also LOVE to encourage women, teen moms, and share bits and pieces of my life where God has totally changed me. It’s as if I need to somehow take the vale off my eyes and step up to the plate. Not sure what ‘plate’ I’m stepping up to yet, but I’m hoping to find out soon enough. 

If you feel the same way, leave a comment please and share with us. Tell us about it, maybe it will stir something within our souls.

One thought on “It’s At The Edge of My Mind….”

  1. Yes, I feel like this a LOT. I feel like there is something I am on the edge of doing, being, becoming, and while being a mom and caregiver is great, I still feel like there is all this untapped energy inside of me that is just waiting to be released. But how and when I am able to find the key to un-tap all my potential . . .? I am still searching for the answers, and glad I'm not alone!

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