This morning my son is in total shock. Normally we have nothing but boys running around here with the exception of my youngest daughter Tori and my daycare kiddo Kailie. Both girls are pretty much tom-boys. Tori for example, likes to put her ‘my little ponies’ in her brother’s big yellow Tonka truck and crash them into her dollhouse and would rather get muddy than dress up. So this morning when we had a set of twin girls dropped off to play, Elijah didn’t know what to do. All the girls immediately formed a posse and deemed no boys allowed, while playing in Tori’s Tinkerbell Room. They wanted to play dress up along with the my little ponies and Lige was left wondering why they wanted to play this way and why cars were suddenly not the cool toy to play with.
“Mommy can you call Sam and Cole to come over to play with me?” Elijah asked despondently.
“Sorry kiddo, their mamas aren’t working today so they won’t be coming over.” I replied hugging him. He’s usually the ring leader and everyone wants to play with his toys and his way. Not today.
“Mama, why do they want to put all those clothes on? Getting dressed isn’t playing?”
“Lige, it’s a girl thing, they like to feel pretty and pretend to be princesses.”
“Oh, okay, that’s kinda boring mom,” Lige replied before scooping up his cars and headed to the basement.

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