Can you smell that? Writing is in the air, and yes it does have a scent. It’s the smell of fresh tablets, sharpened pencils, combined with the great outdoors in Estes Park, Colorado. I’m relishing the idea of filling up my tablet of notes.
   It’s taken nearly a day to get my mind of my kids and the fact they could be taken Grandma and Grandpa for the ride of their lives. Decompressing after watching three wild kiddos takes time for this high strung mama. In the meantime, I get to embrace my love of writing and enjoy it in the majestic beauty of mountain country. 
    Tonight as I sit in front of my computer, my senses are heightened. Moose are trotting down the sidewalks as a fresh blanket of snow settles on the ground. My yearning to write His answer for mama’s is renewed as I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

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