Ugh. If I see one more eye roll, I might scream. 

In fact, I did. After my son’s not so cool behavior, I stomped over to the bench cubbies and grabbed sheets of construction paper. Taking a deep breath, I asked my son and his partner in crime (his little sis) to adjust their attitudes. 

“Huh, attitudes?” My daughter Tori Grace questioned.

SIGH…Being a mom is never easy. It takes several small steps to grow a beautiful big person. 🙂 Grabbing the dictionary we reviewed the definition of attitude. 

attitude n. Your opinions and feelings about someone or something.” 

It prodded me to look up one of my favorite guys in the Bible (See Daniel 3:19) and we talked about whether or not he had a positive or negative attitude in the situation he was in. After all, the guy was kidnapped and enslaved. He would never see his home city or family again. Yet, Daniel kept his focus on God which created a godly attitude in all situations.

 Then I asked my kids what else does attitude affect. Their answers were:

  • Your family 
  • Others
  • Being with Jesus
  • Your words

BINGO. Finally, my kids were getting it. The rest of the week, we focused on several passages about attitude. We would read a passage and talk about it before my kids would use their JOY acrostic to journal their prayers.

The next your kids have an attitude, try doing what I talked about and then ask the following questions:

  • Did your attitude help or hurt the situation?
  • How did you attitude affect others around you? Ask them.
  • How do you think Jesus’ attitude would have been in the situation?
  • How could you have handled the situation better?

Pick a verse about attitude, write it out and memorize it.  Click here for your daily prayer journal verses: Scriptures for Family Prayer Journals Week 11 Attitude


How to Start Prayer Journals 

To start visit this post: Journaling with Scriptures as a Family 


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