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How are you doing with prayer and journaling? It’s been tough a few nights for us. Either our son doesn’t want to sit still, our teen would prefer to be hiding in her bedroom, or our youngest is just itching to irritate her brother. 

Granted there are nights when we sit as a family, I’m gritting my teeth because I would already like to be at the end of our bedtime routine. AT.THE.END. There are nights when I can’t stand the idea of sitting at the table at the BEGINNING of our routine for the night. 

Despite the soar jaw from gritting my teeth, the aching head from all the chaos and feeling drained as I summoned all the patience I could muster I know God is planting seeds. God is at work in their hearts reminding them (even if it’s just a nano-second) of a reminder) he is The Man. He is the one to give thanks, who gives joy, provides for their needs, and answers all prayers in one form or another. 

It reminds me, they are learning to build their a faith of their own. 

Week 5

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