So currently my blog page has been silent for the last few weeks. Ive been busy processing, dealing, and separting out my emotions from the facts. All emotions and facts separated still leave me feeling alone and empty. Friendships have always been a delicate issue for me. I’ve never been able to really trust another woman and had slowly opened up to four different women whom Ive known in several circles.
I was in for a bit of a shock though. Even though they attended church, thier actions outside the church were very different from how they presented themselves. Pushing back the nagging feelings I gave way to being friendly and opening up my heart. Betrayl is often the worst wound possible that can be inflicted on any person, espcially women and friendships. Recently several lies were told in order to cover up one of my “friends” reputation at the cost of ruining the reputation of my family. Not only were reputations ruined, so were frienships.
While I don’t have much to say at the moment I will say that Im looking forward to seeing what God does with this situation and what new friends He brings to walk along side me this fall as I start new endeavers and head down a path I’ve never walked before.

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