My son posing for my blog. So cute.

      Mom look, I have big muscles because I ate all my eggs and green stuff.” Elijah said with his usual lisp  as he came up the stairs with a large tote of laundry (morning chore). It reminds me of my spiritual life reminding me that reading the Bible daily and praying is spiritual food. If we aren’t practicing these things, how can we expect to hear God’s voice, know how He is directing our steps, or be able to stand against temptations? 
      The days when I don’t read my Bible, or I am not in prayer are the days when bitterness, malice, being short tempered, and insecurities set it. The mornings when I do make it a priority to get into the Word, I seem to have a sixth sense about possible temptations and attitudes. I love that God continues to use my children to set the example He expects for me and reminds me of what I need to be doing to open up the lines of communication between Him and me. 

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