Everything has been canceled today. How exciting is that? No groups, meetings, outreaches. No work, school, or other obligations. It’s just us, the family all cozy within the four walls of our home while it snows outside. Not just a bit of snow dusting the ground; more like 6 to 12 inches. What do you do on snow days as moms? Do you let the kids run a muck building forts and killing brain cells watching all their favorite cartoons? We do! We actually do a little bit of everything. Everyone gets a nap (a necessary requirement if we are going to be snowed in), and we send Dad downtown to navigate the treacherous traffic of snow drifts, over confident drivers and stupid people to get snacks. Once that task as been accomplished, I load up the spray bottles with water and food coloring. The kids love painting the snow in various colors, (besides the boys peeing to make their own special shade of yellow). Five minutes later when everyone has had their share of the winter wonderland, our competitive sides come out as we set up for the Wii competition. After everyone has scored and been sent to their prospective corners for cheating or poor sportsmanship, it’s free play with cars, dolly’s, little wagons, while the oldest and I attempt to strum our guitars with our guided lessons, while Daddy creates a fantastic supper of either Tamales or prime rib soup.
      Snow days can be a day of creating memories with your children. I for one love it. Especially on a Sunday after our spirits have been fed on the word of God. The message we hear weaves its way into our snow days as we help build the foundation for a sense of family and God. I hope that everyone else out there on a day like today is making the most of your ‘snowed in’ opportunities. Id love to hear what each of you do with your kids on a day like today! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Let it Snow!”

  1. Yes, snow days are days to make lots and lots of memories! We don't have many snow days, but when we do, we watch a little more TV than normally, take a nap (so necessary!), and if it's safe, we go out to play!

    What a great idea to spray paint the snow. We'll have to try that next time.

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