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Lets Talk About Prayer

 Do you find yourself tempted to eavesdrop on words shared between friends? What if they were talking about how to make prayer a meaningful part of life as a mom? This is your invitation to lean in close and listen to the conversation when one thirty-something says to a forty-something, “Let’s talk about prayer.”

Motherhood has a way of bringing us to our knees. A shared passion for prayer brought two moms from different decades and backgrounds together to talk about making prayer work in the trenches of family life.  Your prayer life might be barely breathing, just getting started or thirsting for more, but you’re welcome to bring your cup to the table and join us. In Let’s Talk About Prayer you’ll find answers moms need to know and tools to grow.

  • How do we tap into the power of prayer when life works against us?
  • How should I order my life so I can pray?
  • How do I tackle praying about so many things?
  • How do I find the right words to pray?
  • How do I help my family by praying?

Are these questions you’re asking? Would you like to know how to cultivate a prayerful life in chaos? Would you like to manage the mountain of prayer needs and find the right words to pray with confidence? Would you like to pray to impact your family? Join the conversation.

Let’s Talk about Prayer!

Together, author’s Heather R. Riggleman and Julie Sanders knows that today’s Christian moms want to be the prayer mom’s God intended. They desire to pray confidently and stand in the gap for their kids. But many mothers haven’t been equipped with the prayer skills, scriptural knowledge, and practical strategies to pray when life gets overwhelming. In this book, Heather and Julie teach you how to pray, whether you have always prayed, have been a prayer slacker–this short e-book is the perfect resource you need! 

Join Heather & Julie for the 7 Day Prayer Challenge

Sign up here for the 7 Day Prayer Challenge, designed to equip, encourage, and ignite your prayer life starting soon! Continue below to get a FREE copy of Heather’s new book!!! 


 Lets Talk About Prayer COVER


Back Cover Copy

To read Heather’s new book,click here for your download, “Lets Talk About Prayer.” 


Equipping your prayer life  ~ RESOURCES

Now that you’re ready and equipped to pray over your home, children, and husband; here are some great tools to help you. All are printable and free!


Prayer Calendar for your Husband

Prayer Calendar for your Children

Scripture Cards to Combat Worry

Lets talk prayer pattern bookmarks

20 Power Verses for the Praying Mom

Let’s Talk Book Marks

Let’s Talk Prayer Journal

Don’t forget to visit Julie’s site for other resources! Visit  and be on the look out for her book Expectant coming this fall!

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