Day 3 – How can I pray for my family?

Today’s conversation of the 7 Day Prayer Challenge is kicked off with a question I asked Jules,

 Since children have a way of filling our hearts, how can we pray for our families?

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Jules- When I became a mom, I had no idea how much it would drive my prayer life. At every stage, I’ve found myself crying out to the Lord for patience, wisdom, direction, and intervention over things I can’t control. My mama-prayers have swelled up early in the morning, in the midst of nap time, or deep in the night. Motherhood motivates me to pray!

Since children have a way of filling our hearts, how can we pray for our families?

Heather – Motherhood does change us, it challenges us and sometimes we think we are in over our heads. In the trenches of motherhood, God taught me he hears my cries, my groans, and my “Oh no’s!”

Key Verse:  Isaiah 30:19 says, “How gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you.”

What happens when your baby arouses from her slumber and starts to cry? We rush to pick her up, interpret her needs and soothe her. Even though your baby can’t express herself clearly, you care intensely for her.  That’s a picture of God’s concern for you, His child, when you pray to Him.

God cares about the everyday ordinary moments of mothering. He cares about all you do, everything from working a part time evening job, to folding socks, and yes—he cares about all the little cares your kids lay upon your heart to pray. When we pray, it grows our faith and energizes us and gives God a chance to move in our families.

So do not hesitate to come to God with your problems and concerns. He loves you more than you understand and wants you to ask Him for help.  Take a moment right now to talk with Him and thank Him for hearing you.

Romantic little girl

Let’s pause and pray right now, let’s “TALK.”

  • Thank Him – Thank him for creating a way to talk to him.
  • Acknowledge Him – Invite him into your worries and concerns, ask him to reveal his glory and authority in your family life.
  • Lift up others – Lift up each child, ask for victory over a certain character flaw.
  • Kneel before God – Kneel for God and surrender your family to him. Ask God to move in their lives and to let his light shine through them.

Let’s Pray.

Father God, thank you for creating a way to talk to you. It seems so simple but so profound. Help me to continually bring my worries, concerns, and dreams to you. Show me how to mother my kids from their best days to their worst. I lift up my kids to you ask that you work abundantly in their lives. I pray we all become a reflection of you in this world. Amen.

Motherhood motivates me to pray

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