Not too long ago, I sat on the back porch swing watching the sun go down. I had just learned my daughter had Aspergers and there was so much else pulling at me.

I found myself trying hard to support my three children in their needs, trying to be the good wife, trying to be a ministry leader and owner of a new online women’s magazine. And then there was this new life growing inside of me.

I didn’t know how to talk to God, let alone tell him my fears or shake the dread that followed every time I thought about this new baby. I tried to talk to my husband, mentors, and friends. Nothing eased the exhaustion gnawing away the deep places in my heart, demanding answers.

Trying, trying, trying….

And then life shattered into a million little pieces. All I could do was sob and say, “Jesus.” The baby was gone, my ministry was gone, and the perfect life I thought I had created was gone but this is where my prayer life began. 

Trying isn’t what God promised when he said he wanted us to have life and to live it abundantly. 

Raw and emotional, I began talking to God and it was during these tender moments when I learned how to pray. I learned God wasn’t some old man on a cloud, granting wishes to those who pleased him most.

I learned God wanted to hear my fears, worries, and dreams. As life began to heal, I started to “talk” to him throughout the day and I found him answering me during the dishes, the school shuttle, and even when I couldn’t utter more than “thank you” or “Jesus.”

Over time I learned how to pray for my husband, how to cover my children in prayer, and I as I learned how to journal my prayers, I had a record of when God answered my prayers.

When I talked to Julie about the power of prayer, something sparked within us, “Wouldn’t someone want to be a fly on the wall during our conversations?”

“You mean eaves dropping on a conversation between a 30 something mom and a 40 something mama?” Let’s Talk About Prayer was born.

Looking back to that day when I sat on the porch swing, little did I realize the longing in my heart was to connect with Jesus—to know he understood the depths of my heart, to be able to talk to him. Are you feeling the same way? Then join us.

Over the next 7 Days, Julie and I will be answering key questions covered in the book and then some. Along with the book, this 7 Day Devotional Challenge will nourish your soul, equipping you with the tools to pray, and establishing a new way to pray.

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 Before you leave my tiny part of the web, let me introduce you to my wonderful, dear sweet friend and mentor: Julie Sanders!

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