Life happens. Babies are born, mortgages are secured, and old ones pass away. But then there’s all that in between stuff, like frustrations in our marriage, feeling overwhelmed by the needs our kids have, or we question the choices a brother or sister are making. We see the same results day after day and question, does our prayers really make a difference? My sweet mama friend it does. 

The Bible is filled with answered prayers, Elizabeth in her old age gave birth to a son, God freed the Iseraelites from slavery, Moses was saved from death. Some of my most powerful moments of prayer have been when I prayed asking God for HIS mighty will to be done. 

Here is today’s convo Day 5 of our Prayer Challenge, if you haven’t met my co-writer, I’d like you to check Julie Sanders out. Oh and if you haven’t gotten our book or prayer tools scroll down. 

Does it really make a difference if I pray for other people?

Jules – Some of my sweetest times of prayer happen when it’s just me and the Lord, alone in a quiet place, closed car or the middle of the night. Prayer is so personal. In gathering with a variety of different women, I’ve encountered quite a few who find it hard to pray with others. For some it’s new, but for others it’s awkward or stressful. How does praying with others make a difference?

Heather—The most powerful moments of prayer have happened when I pray about something alone and then bring it to my girlfriends in prayer. Suddenly, God is answering in more ways than one. 

Key Verse:  Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19)

 Lets Talk Prayer

Who grows up dreaming of doing “life” alone? In fact, I bet you grew up dreaming of prince charming, six million kids and even had names for each of them. In all we do, we were never meant to do it alone—this includes prayer. In fact the act of praying together brings us into God’s presence in a fuller dimension than when we pray alone.  There’s a reason why Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a banquet, rather than a table for two!  Life’s important experiences are meant to be shared.

When we open ourselves up and pray with others, it give God permission to move—double time. Not only that, but our friends become our prayer warriors, supporting us from the sidelines, holding our hearts and hands—village style!

When we prayer together:

  • It lifts our moods. We are filled with joy and peace because we know someone else understands our concerns and has our “backs.”
  • Allows us to hear our prayers and needs in a different way, each of us has a unique way of praying and praying together brings a new voice to the need.
  • Praying together reveals that sometimes we become the answer to someone else’s prayers.


Let’s Talk

  • Thank Him – Thank him for the gift of others.
  • Acknowledge Him – Tell God you stand on his promise that he is there in the midst of you and friends praying.
  • Lift up others – Be specific in describing the details of what burdens you.
  • Kneel before God – Thank God for the victory that is coming and thank him that you are able to someone else’s answer.

Lord, how amazing and wise you are that you created sisterhood, friendships, and relationships. We stand on your word knowing that when we pray together, Your spirit is there in midst of us and that you are already at work for us. Father, I surrender my________________ and I leave it at your alter, knowing you have a plan and a purpose. Thank you that I am able to share my prayers with others and that I to, can become a voice for my friend’s prayers. Amen.


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