Sweet moms, this is the last day of our Prayer Challenge! Today, Julie and I answer the toughest question about prayer, when will God answer my prayers. 

Jules – I’ve never been good at waiting, but motherhood is all about learning to wait well. Some moms wait years for adoptions, and others endure fertility treatments or seasons of hoping. Still others spend 40 weeks experiencing total body change that can’t be rushed. Receiving a child is only the beginning of a lifetime of waiting to come. You would think we would be great at waiting, but it’s easy to be anxious. When it comes to waiting for answers to prayer, how long is too long? 

Heather—Seriously, why can’t God answer us in a text message? Instant and sweet.

We live in the day and age of “instant gratification.” The art of patience is hard taught and even harder to learn. Everything takes time and it drives me up the wall. But I’ve learned rather than push for things to happen or for instant answers, I’ve learned to wait on God. His timing is SO much better than mine.

Key Verse: If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7-11

Have you ever spent weeks—even years—praying about one specific thing and still found yourself wondering, When is God going to answer this prayer? If so, I know exactly how you feel.

  • I spent two years praying for my husband to know Jesus.
  • I spent seven years praying for a son.
  • I spent three years praying for a home.

I spent 26 years of my life wanting to know my Dad and spent every day in my early Christian walk praying for him.

When I pray, I really want my prayers to be answered. I know faith, patience and timing all are in the mix, but sooner or later I need to hear from God. Instead of growing weary in my faith and whining over the same prayers, I’ve simply adopted my children’s questioning process. “Why.”

Sometimes God isn’t answering a prayer because he has other plans or it isn’t the right time yet. Had God answered my prayers for a son when I first started praying, I would have been in over my head. We lived in tiny one bedroom rental just a few blocks from the college where I was attending and my husband was still a “bar hopper.”

And sometimes God does answer prayers but it’s not what we expected. I prayed for years for another child because I hail from the club, “Infertility and Secondary Infertility.” When we unexpectedly got pregnant with our fourth child, I was elated—only to be grieving several weeks later because I miscarried. It’s been three years and God has yet to give us another child—in fact he has been silent. And these unanswered prayers are transferred from one prayer journal to the next until I hear his yes or no.

I’ve learned three things to answered prayers:

  1. Ask “Why?”
  2. Pray for his timing—not my own.
  3. Pray for his will to be done.

Lets talk prayer heather riggleman

Let’s TALK to him

Let’s ask him why:

  • Thank Him – Be grateful he sees our entire life and knows every step of our journey
  • Acknowledge Him – Ask for his will to be done and ask him to examine your heart.
  • Lift up others – Lift up those who don’t know him and ask God to use you to be his light shining in the dark for them.
  • Kneel before God – Give him praise when the answers do not come and praise him in the storms.

Let’s Pray

Father, our lives are but a vapor—a midst. To you we are but a breath but to us, 40 weeks to decades take a long time. It ages us and causes us to wonder if you really hear our mama hearts. I pray your will is done for __________________________. And I pray for your will to be done in the everyday mother moments with my kids. Help me to choose your attitude and your will in all situations. I praise you for your wisdom, your answers, and your timing. Help me to be patient and to continue to praise you, even when the answer is a long time coming, even when the answer is no.


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