Some people believe life events happen at random; that strangers are nothing more than casual acquaintances, rolling through this fussy world.

At Her View From Home, we take a different approach.

To truly understand the creation of this website, one needs to dig a bit deeper – back to the year 2006.

Jen was serving as the Assistant News Director at NTV, the local ABC affiliate near Kearney, Nebraska. While busy searching for a new journalist to fill the weekend anchor position, she came across a new face; a Nebraska girl name Leslie, who had spent the past year reporting in Beaumont, Texas.

Although Leslie had no prior anchoring experience, Jen decided to take a chance and offered her the job.

For Leslie this offer couldn’t have come at a better time. She was incredibly homesick and wanted to return to the state she knew and loved. For the next two years, Jen and Leslie worked together on many projects, including the launch of a local talk show that highlighted the best of Nebraska, people and places.

In 2007, Leslie and her husband found out they were expecting their first child. Wanting to find the best possible daycare, Leslie asked her television audience if anyone knew of someone who could care for her baby girl while she worked fulltime.

That’s when a stranger mentioned Heather’s name.

Leslie and her husband visited Heather, and ultimately chose her to watch their precious newborn. But when Heather found out she too was expecting and could no longer help, the search continued. Leslie didn’t think she’d see Heather again.

Several years passed and although Leslie and Heather had similar connections in the writing world, their paths didn’t cross. Leslie and Jen’s connection had diminished as well, after they both left the TV business.

That all changed in November, 2011.

Leslie received an e-mail from Heather that read: “what do you think about creating a website for moms?”

Unbeknownst to Heather, Leslie had been dreaming about the same thing, with more of an emphasis on Nebraska. They met for coffee shortly after to discuss how to merge their visions. The two knew this dream would need another brain; someone else who shared a similar passion; someone like Jen.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Leslie, Heather and Jen have spent months creating the perfect combination of each of their strengths. With the help of several feature writers, Her View From Home is a place for Central and Western Nebraska women to connect, relate and relish on the things they love most.

We believe our paths crossed as strangers not at random, but for a purpose. We want to help you find your own unique View From Home.


The Co-Founders of Her View From Home.

So stop by, take a look around and see what is happening in Central Nebraska. Hope, Faith, Love, and Dreams mixed with the inspiration and stories from other women just like you!

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