Hebrews 13:6

So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man [cranky kids] do to me?

Ever feel like your mind is being pushed over a cheese-grater? That’s how I define stress on days when nothing seems to go right, the kids are the exact definition of cranky, and my mothering ability is seems nonexistent. When the outside world is crashing down on top of my unhappy clan, it takes everything within me just to make it minute by minute; to practice patience, not yell, and be loving towards my kids.
In the early days of mothering, there are no timeouts, lunch breaks, or fifteen minute breathers. Those little bodies with big tempers rely on us to demonstrate Godly character. They look to us to see how we handle stress. They cope with their little life crisis’s (i.e. split milk, getting bit, or stolen toys), by reacting in what they have seen Mom do.
Because I’ve vowed to not be like my mother (Sorry Mom, I still love you), it takes deliberate actions to put a smile on my face, and work out the situation in a positive manner. Inwardly, every cell in my body is on overload, and I’m praying for peace. Outwardly, I’m smiling, putting out fires, and attempting to divert world war III with a simple, editable craft. By the end of the day, though I’m drained, I can lay back and shout for victory. I can thank God that He provided what I needed, minute by minute while my kids learned the art positive coping strategies and enjoyed making their own editable necklaces.
How do you cope with Stress? Do you yell, cry, or internalize it? Do you pray and ask God for strength? Ask God to be with you in the trenches of mothering. He will give you just enough patience and peace for your day. Then take note of your schedule. Make a list and simplify Leave a comment about how you cope with stress. I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Mama Needs a Timeout!”

  1. On days when the weather is nice, I make the kids come with me on an "adventure". I have a tendency to yell and get mad when I'm stressed and a diversion outdoors is just what we all need. So out comes the stroller for the youngest, we slather on the sunblock and get out of the house to hunt for rocks, flowers, or just walk somewhere and get some air. When you live 40 miles from any town and don't always have someone to take the kids for you, you do what you have to do. God usually provides the best distractions in his creation, and nothing soothes my boggled mind like His open country.

  2. I love your comment and totally agree. Part of having children is learning how to cope with stress. Im thankful you have distractions like the great outdoors!

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