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Welcome home sweet friend.

I’m glad you found these words because they were meant for you. I’ve been writing and speaking for well over a decade. My primary purpose is being real!

It takes a different kind of courage and a whole lot of faith to be barefaced, to be authentic, and transparent. There’s a thread that runs through struggle to triumph, failure to victory, unbecoming to become who you were meant to be in the first place.

It takes women willing to pull back the layers to be bare, raw, and real in order to give other women permission to do the same. There’s just too much isolation, loneliness, and competition out there. And I’m convinced it takes faith, kindness, transparency and a whole lot of Jesus to create a better community—a better world for ourselves.

I write barefaced in order to peel back the layers into the depth of my soul and draw out more life-giving moments within myself and my readers. I lend my life-in-the-trenches voice because I know what it’s like to fail, to feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed because authenticity and honesty create hope for every sojourner. I share stories and tell my truths because these are the words my heart needs to hear, and I have a feeling you do too.

I write about marriage, changing careers, friendship, motherhood, mental health, community, celebration, self-care and how FAITH is the thing that brings us home. As a mental health advocate and suicide survivor, I share my journey because depression has been a vehicle that picks us off one by one and I want to stand in the trenches to fight with you—for you.

As a former journalist and full time freelance writer,  I’ve taken my platform to a more personal place—one on one with you over a cup of coffee where I can cup your face and look you in the eye with the words reflected in this space. As it turns out if you give a girl the tools and experiences to write, she’ll likely write about the gift of boldness in a crazy world, so I hope you’ll join me and become a part of this collective conversation.

You can find my writing at Mops.org, For Every Mom, Her View From Home, Focus on the Family, Brio Magazine, Thriving Family, IBelieve, Christianity, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Momaha, Today’s Christian Woman, and Crosswalk.com. My favorite place online to share life is Instagram

If you’re looking for a community that celebrates bold truths, we’ll talk about doing the hard things, healing, hope, trauma, and how to begin again. We’ll talk about your calling, who you really are until you feel understood, valued, supported, enough, and not alone. You’ll find inspiration and encouragement as moms in the mother ‘hood.’

The Official Meet and Greet

Award winning freelance writer and journalist Heather Riggleman formerly worked for the Kearney Hub Newspaper as a Life Styles Journalist and was the columnist of Chasing Perfect. The popular column garnered attention from fans nationwide as she writes with transparency about community, gathering around the table, motherhood, and leggings. Her column won first place in the state of the Nebraska through the Nebraska Press Women. Her column also received national attention winning third place by the National Federation of Press Women. 

The Kearney Hub was nominated on behalf of Heather’s news coverage serving nonprofits in the Kearney Area, earning runner up in the Step Forward, Serve Nebraska media category. Heather has also earned three different awards from for her contribution to Leading Hearts Magazine. Her work has been featured in Today’s Christian Woman, Proverbs 31 Ministries, We Are Teachers, and Focus on the Family.

She was also the co-founder of Her View From Home with Leslie Means and Jennifer Sill, a popular online women’s website with Nebraska roots before accepting a job at the newspaper. She is beyond humbled and proud to be a part of the conception and grassroots beginning! 

For the last several years, Heather has served on the Moms Together team mentoring moms and strategically helping the community grow to over 20,000. On this team, Heather’s vision and creativity helped create the brand, logos, and facilitated conversations in the Moms Together Group! Heather worked tirelessly to launch the Moms Together and Moms Better Together podcast before parting ways to begin a few new projects which also happens to include building a new home and helping to plan her daughter’s wedding. She is a mom to three spunky kids, Cheyenne, Elijah and Tori-Grace and is married to her high school sweetheart Chris for 22 years and has cats who obsessively follow her around the house. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram


10 thoughts on “Meet Heather”

    1. Hey Heather, I found your comments of a cashless society being part of the end times interesting. I believe it is part of the process, and may I add several other parts of the Mark of the beast. One I believe the mark of the beast will have some ideology attached to it. For example, here in Canada, the liberal government said they would not fund churches youth summer programs if churches did no sign a form that said they agree with gay marriage and abortion. The churches fought it and won, but the mark will have some anti church program more like seen in Daniel. Next, the covid passport to prove having the vaccine, There was some push to have the passport to get into airplanes , movies, restaurants and stores. One attribute of the mark is you can’t buy and sell without it. The language between the two are to similar for comfort. Finally, I believe the all the nations debt will create a crisis and the Trillionaires that run the world, will help them out for 3 and a half years, Then when the cash runs out, war will begin. Covid has increased that debt in record amounts, So the time line of the end times has been moved up. Regardless, Jesus promises a great harvest, so I am looking forward to many coming to Christ as the Spirit is release for good, as the enemy prepares for bad. However, Christ wins. Blessings Heather, thans for your blog. Robert. .

  1. Really appreciated your article on the word “namaste”. I found it quite helpful in orienting
    my prayers for a couple I haven’t seen in over sixty years. Blessings, in Christ, Jesus.

  2. Heather,

    I just read your article about anxiety and Christianity. Thank you so much for that. You have no idea how much that helped and changed my perspective on things.


    1. I read your recent article on TULIP and irresistible grace and this was brought tot my notice early on as a Christian Heather. My conversion is a testimony to Irresistible grace. I fought like anything but God cornered me and I could do no other than repent and submit to His fully deserved Lordship in my life and now in the twilight years of my life as I still like you seek the lost daily and seek to make Christ known. I have been a missionary, evangelist pastor and made mistake’s as many of us do but God remains faithful and will lead me home as he will you too. So keep using your gift Heather and may our Lord bless you all the way that God has planned out for you and your lovely family. too write articles regularly to a fair number of people by email to help them either into the faith or to enable them to continue feeding and making progress in their Christian lives. Strangely my subject at the moment is Overcoming by grace.. I will send you a copy if you would like one.. One of your many new friends Jim.

  3. Thanks for your articles. I want to ask what your biblical suggestions is on this matter. An African man married three women by performing every traditional rites of engagement on each of them as an unbeliever and they all live together as a happy family. After a few years he got born again. How do you expect him to manage his wives? Should he continue to be married to them? Should he put away some even though he was properly married to them all? What should he do? Thanks.

  4. Hi there! I just came across an article you wrote on soulmates. I found it very inspiring and accurate. God bless you and your ministry! 🙂 You have a new fan!

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